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How to use CBD

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CBD is not difficult to ingest, you have several choices. The most common way is to drip drops from the bottle of CBD oil under the tongue. Then let it lie under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. It ensures a fast and complete recording. But the taste may be a little foreign, and some prefer other intake methods. That is why there is CBD oil with many different flavorings. Challenges with flavorings are that you can get additives and sweeteners, which you do not really want. CBD is a dietary supplement and should be taken in as natural a form as possible, to have the best effect.

With us at Life & Vibe, you will find several favorable alternatives for how you can use CBD.

CBD- vape

Many people find it easier to vaporize CBD, in the same way that you “smoke” vapor cigarettes. This is called “vaping”. This actually gives an even better absorption, because the vapor with CBD enters the lungs and from there it is absorbed into the blood even faster and the absorption (absorption) is even more efficient.

Some are more comfortable with vaping than with drops, you may just have to try a little harder.

CBD in other forms, such as powder form, lozenges, lip cream

CBD also comes in lozenges, beverages and a variety of creams and cosmetic products. Even for animals, there are now separate product series. This says a bit about how popular this supplement is becoming.

Nice to know for you who want to use CBD

CBD comes from a plant that has been neglected for many years because it also contains THC, which is the intoxicating component of the plant, now emerges as a shooting star in the night sky, due to research showing that CBD (which does not provide any kind of intoxication), has so many positive effects on our body. The plant, which has been in medical use for over 5,000 years, but at the beginning of the 20th century was banned, and thus also banned from research until just a few years ago, has had a new renaissance, and it is now being studied carefully due to a sea of ​​possible health-promoting effects.

Isn’t that a little fascinating? That we can still make such discoveries in nature in the 21st century?

Find a supplier and manufacturer of CBD that you trust, and give it a try. You should have a little patience. Because CBD does not relieve symptoms as a painkiller, but to restore body function and create balance, it will take longer. Some trial and error you have to reckon with.

But it’s worth it. With us at Life & Vibe, you will find CBD products in the highest quality, and which are suitable for you who want to use CBD in everyday life.

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