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10 areas where CBD can have an effect – What does it help for?

Research is being done all over the world on the possibilities of using CBD, whether it is as a primary medicine, for supportive treatment or as a preventive measure. So far, 10 areas are highlighted where one sees particularly promising results in experiments and studies:

1 Analgesic

CBD can help to reduce and “balance” the pain signals that the body sends to the brain. If the body’s pain signals are «attenuated», the need for painkillers is reduced.

2 Anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety often go hand in hand. One leads to the other. The body produces both stress hormones (cortisol) and happiness hormones (serotonin). CBD can help the body produce what it needs, neither more nor less.

3 Insomnia

You probably need more sleep than you realize. Not only do you need enough sleep, but you also need good sleep where the body can recover both physically and mentally – so-called restorative sleep. The effects of CBD can improve the quality of sleep, and if CBD can reduce your stress level, you will find it easier to fall asleep.

4 Muscles and joints

Do you often get sore muscles and joints after training? Remember that your body needs more rest time between each time you train hard than you realize. CBD can help with recovery of muscles and joints.

5 Anti-inflammatory

Many health problems are due to the body having one or more inflammations, these can be due to many things – both the food you eat and the body’s internal environment can be pro-inflammatory. If the effects of CBD can help you with bowel function and ensure a good absorption of nutrients, it is a first step towards less inflammation in the body.

6 Clean skin

Rash and pimples are often small infections or inflammation of the skin. If you get the degree of inflammation in the body down and more balance, it can reduce the extent and problem. CBD can help you with that.  

7 Supportive in cancer treatment

Cancer treatment is very demanding on the body. There are many articles and statements online that CBD can help against the cancer itself. These are often statements of a solid nature that have little support, which you should be critical of. However, the fact that CBD can be supportive in reducing some of the side effects of cancer treatment is supported. Both because CBD have an analgesic effect, but perhaps first and foremost as an appetite promoting – and this is very important after such treatment.

8 Supportive of addiction therapy

There are many promising results from the USA and exciting research on CBD as an addiction therapy. CBD can not only reduce alcohol dependence, but also speed up the recovery of the liver and brain as a result of alcohol damage. The effects of CBD can also reduce addiction to tobacco, narcotics and drugs. 

9 Better focus

If you get a healthy environment in your body, remove the causes of inflammation and imbalances, you will get more and better focus. If you sleep better, you work better. More energy and stamina result in better focus.

10 The Holistic approach – everything is connected

Everything is connected. If you manage to balance your body – everything will fall into place.

Why not look at CBD as a first step to take some action for less stress, better performance, more happiness and better health and life?

Go for it!

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