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Our values are incorporated in everything we do, this also apply to how we will treat your personal data; with respect, following our origin

The Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions explains the privacy policy and what personal information we will collect, how we will collect it, why we will collect it, how we will use it, how long we keep it, who we share it with and how we treat and protect your personal data.

We follow the GDPR–General Data Protection Regulation, and any subsequent data protection regulations or legislations. We will only use information where the law allows us to. The data controller is Life & Vibe AS.


Life & Vibe website is owned and operated by Life & Vibe AS, with registration number xxxx xxxx xxxx and address: Jonas Reins gate 5, 0360 Oslo, Norway.

You are welcome to contact us at any time by mail:, on our chat function on the website, or by phone: +4755555 555in opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 15:00.

Personal information is any information you give us, that tells us something about you. You may provide us with this information when you use our website or any subsidiary websites, register, fill in a form, order, subscribe, contact us, participate in survey, vote or participate in a competition or share our website.

It is important for both you and us that all personal information is current and accurate. Please make sure that you update your personal information when necessary.


We collect information about you, to provide you with the best service possible. We collect information allowing us to get in touch with you, carry out your orders and payment and deliver to the right address. Further we use this information to handle any questions and complaints you may have, as well as to comply with our values, service and obligations.

Rest assure that we will handle your personal information with respect.


Every time you visit our website or contact us, we may collect personal information automatically or manually. This includes:

Personal information

For you to register and for us to accept your account, you will provide us with your personal information, such as your full name, gender, date of birth, title, address, e-mail address, username, or other identifier information.It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information.

Profile information

Includes your Personal information that you register in your Life & Vibe account, as well as feedback, survey and contest engagement with us. We collect these data to better understand your preferences.

Contact information

In order to deliver our products at the right address, to the right time, and to be able to contact you if we are in any way delayed or unable to deliver, we will collect delivery address, phone number, and billing address.

Financial information

When you order a product from us, you will register your payment information, such as bank account and payment details, that you submit to our secure payment provider.

Transaction information

We collect the transaction data from your purchases from our website, including payment details to and from you as well as product details.


Technical information

We collect technical information including IP (Internet Protocol) address you use to connect your device to the internet, browser information, including browser type, version, plug-ins, operating system and platform and login information, to confirm your identity and country.

Interactive behavior

Detailed information from your visit we collect to perform a better service to you, including your search, which pages and products you have viewed, visited, or searched for, page response time, downloads and/ or errors, length of visit on each page, page interaction information, including movement of mouse, scrolling and clicks. Communication DataIs data about your communication to and from us that we collect to learn your preferences about our product and services, so we can be better in our communication with you.

Usage information

We collect information you generate when using Nordic Light website and services, including cookies. Through ourAnalytics provider software we find ways to get better, based on your usage information.

3. party information

As mentioned above we use Analytics software from 3. Party providers. We use this information, together with feedback from your reviews and information from social media providers, if you register at our site, through a social media accounts, to improve our service to you.

Aggregated information

The aggregated information we collect is not personal, but anonymous and is used for statistical and strategical purposes.


Information from cookies, such as website and app technical and usage data is collected from your internet device using cookies and similar technologies. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy here.


To use our website and services, you must be 18 years of age, or more. You need to follow the rules in your country. Therefore, the age limit will differ in different nations. It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information on your personal data.

To useLife & Vibe website and our services you must be at least 18 years of age. You will be asked to verify your age before you enter our website. Further when you order and pay for a product, you will provide us with payment details, making it possible for us to authenticate your age.

Since the website is not intended for persons under 18 year of age, we do not collect information of persons under legal age or children.

How we use your personal information and for which purposes

Becoming a Life & Vibe member

To become a member you provide us with personal information that we use so we can create your Life & Vibe Account and verify your age.

Receiving your Life & Vibe

When we deliver your Life & Vibe products and services to you, we use your personal information; to provide you with information on the products that you have ordered, to manage payment including any fees, taxes and charges and to deliver the product safely to you.

Staying a Life & Vibe member

To stay a Life & Vibe member and to receive our product and services, we use your personal information to administer your account, and our relationship with you. Including, connecting with you, and notify you of any changes or updates in our Terms and Policies, using robotics and life chat functions and responding to your questions, queries and in any surveys you may participate in.

Surveys makes us better

In order to understand the market, our consumers, and members better, we will from time to time invite you to participate in surveys. If you choose to participate, we will use the information to become an even better service to you.

Providing us with valuable feedback

We appreciate our consumers and members feedback, and the information you provide us with in such feedback or reviews on our sites or others will be saved and used to analyze consumer behavior and your preferences, so we can improve our product and service.

Serving you on our best efforts

To be able to support you in the best way possible when you contact us, we save the information and contact detailsy ou provide us with. These may be used by our Support and Service department to be able to answer your queries by telephone, mail, or chat.

Providing you with information

If you have made an order, or are an existing member, we will do our best to provide you with information on our product and services on our website, chat, by mail, post, SMS or telephone. This be information on similar products or any upgrades of product for your convenience. If you are reserved from such contact, we will not contact you with such information. You can reserve your self from such contact by contacting us at:


We use your personal information and your behavior on our website to personalize your Life & Vibe experience and to meet your preferences for your convenience.

Researching and analyzing

We strive to get better every day. To do that we will use Aggregated data and all the data we collect from you, as; personal data, behavior data, order and purchase history, any feedback and survey for research and analyzing purposes.

Protecting and administrating our business

We protect our business to be the best choice for our members and consumers. All the information we collect, we use to protect and administer our business, products and services and all other aspects of our business. Including activities such as research and development, system maintenance, system security, hosting data, support, troubleshooting, testing, reporting, data analysis.

why we use your personal information and when

  • When we require your consent and you give us permission (this goes for sensitive information, like health).
  • When we need to perform the contract that we are about to enter into or have entered into.
  • When we need to verify your age.
  • When we are obliged to comply with legal or regulatory authorities and circumstances.
  • When it is necessary for our legitimate interest (or those of third parties) and when your interests and/ or fundamental rights do not override such interests.

the why not

If you choose not to share your personal information ,or parts of it, as necessary for us to conduct our business and relationship with you, we will not be able to serve you. We need parts of your personal information to verify age, respond to quires, enter into a contract with you, receive orders ands end you the products.

contact details

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Thank you for choosingLife & Vibe.

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