LifeCBD for your dog and cat

CBD for your dog and cat

Can dogs and cats use CBD – and how?

There is a lot of different information about CBD for animals online, and it can be difficult to navigate. Here’s what you need to know.

There is still a lot of research on CBD, and so far there is no exact information for use with our pets. But we know that CBD acts on the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, which is important for generally good health.

When it comes to dogs and cats, there are many individual stories that tell about CBD’s effect on pain and seizures (tremors, etc.). Veterinarians say that CBD can be appetite-promoting, sedative and anti-nausea. The latter can be very appropriate when taking your pets on a trip.

The American Kennel Club tells on its website about new studies at the University of Colorado that look at CBD’s potential in use against epilepsy in dogs.

It is believed that dogs and cats have the same side effects on CBD as in humans, and when you go for a check-up or visit to the vet you need to inform about how it has been used.

Choose high quality organic CBD if you want your dog or cat to try CBD oil. And yes, it is natural enough oil drops that you give under the tongue that will have the best effect. Vaping will probably be difficult!

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For us at Life & Vibe, the lives of animals are just as important as us humans. To ensure the quality of our products, we use serious third-party tests.

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