LifeCBD for pain

CBD for pain

We eat more and more painkillers, both for acute pain and long-term, chronic pain. CBD reduces the feeling of pain by acting on the causes of the pain, by acting against inflammation (anti-inflammatory), slows down the wear and tear on joints and strengthens the body’s balance. Because CBD acts on the causes of pain, it may take longer to feel the effect and you may need to adjust the doses along the way.

There are many causes of pain, and pain again creates new imbalances in the body. An example is sleep. If you are in pain and writhing in pain during the night and before you go to sleep, your body becomes tired and you become more vulnerable to new imbalances, aches and pains. This is where the foundation for an eternal round dance is laid, and there are medicines that can treat the symptoms, but the cause (s) are not treated, meaning the symptoms (the pain in this example) will come back, until you treat the causes of the symptoms.

This is one of the great benefits of CBD oil when it comes to pain: It both repairs and relieves. But CBD is not comparable to painkillers like Paracet and Ibux which work quickly and effectively. Eating pills every day solves no problems, and Paracet and Ibux used over time, or in high dosages, can hurt the stomach intestines, and the liver. And make the foundation for other sicknesses.

CBD relieves pain over time

CBD reduces the “strength” of pain signals. In the brain, you have receptors that “interpret” the pain signals, and if you have used painkillers for a long time, these will need stronger and more medicine, in order to work properly. CBD must be used over time, and the doses may need to be adjusted along the way, but unlike pills, CBD is not addictive or harmful to the body.

Classic pain that can be relieved with CBD

Do you have abdominal pain? You probably eat something you can’t stand. Get help figuring it out and use CBD as a dietary supplement. Do you have back pain or pain in the neck, joints or muscles? You are probably not very physically active, or you are straining your body for something it cannot tolerate. Find the answers, implement causal measures and use CBD as a dietary supplement to relieve pain and restore body balance.

Want to try CBD for pain?

More and more Europeans are using CBD in connection with pain. If you want to give CBD a chance, it is recommended that you set up a plan that includes all activities that focus on the causes of the pain and discomfort. When you are ready, you can use our online store to get better acquainted with the CBD products offered on today’s market.

In our web shop you will find the following products:

Full Spectrum CBD Drops, where the whole Hemp plant is used, in order to give you the entourage effect of all substances to work together, like mother Earth has planned it.

Broad Spectrum CBD Drops, have most of the plants cannabinoids intact, except of THC. The Broad Spectrum CBD is a good substitute for those of you that do not want any THC, or live in a country where THC is illegal. Due to the fact that THC is taken out, you will not benefit for the full entourage effect, as with Full Spectrum CDB Oil, and thus the Broad Spectrum is a little less potent, and as such you might need to use more of the Broad Spectrum, than the Full Spectrum.

Full Spectrum Vape liquid. For those of you who want an instant relief of panic and anxiety attacks, our Vape liquid is a good alternative to the oral drops, as it gives an instant relief. Also recommended for those of you who have asthma or other respiratory conditions, and want to try out CBD. 

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