LifeCan CBD give new hope to Epilepsy and Parkinson´s?

Can CBD give new hope to Epilepsy and Parkinson´s?

Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy can be very challenging to treat. There are quite a few medicines available, and one must be very careful to take the medicines at the right time. Epilepsy is a collective term for a number of different disorders that can manifest themselves very differently. Therefore, medication is challenging.

Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is promising in the treatment of children, and there is also evidence that this diet may be beneficial in Parkinson’s. This diet is very high in fat, because the body should use ketones as an energy source instead of glucose. Maybe CBD can amplify the effects of a keto diet?

Research on CBD in Parkinson’s

The effect of CBD on Parkinson’s patients has been researched for many years, and because many of the results are promising, this continues in full force. This year, the American Parkinson’s Association (Apda) describes CBD as very promising. Not only does CBD appear to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s and some of the side effects of the medication, but some early studies suggest CBD may slow the progression of the disease – that is, the actual cell death that creates the disease. Parkinson’s is a serious and difficult disease to treat, so if CBD can make everyday life easier for these patients, it will be of great benefit to many thousands of those affected and their relatives.

CBD as a medicine for epilepsy

For some forms of severe epilepsy, there is actually a drug (Epidyolex) with CBD, but this is extremely expensive and still classified as a “drug” in the Norwegian drug register, and can only be prescribed by a hospital specialist.

In order to use CBD therapeutically against neurological diseases, it is strongly recommended that it be done in collaboration with qualified healthcare professionals.

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