LifeCan CBD crack resistant bacteria?

Can CBD crack resistant bacteria?

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are one of the biggest health challenges of our time. CBD is now emerging as a possible candidate to crack down on resistant bacteria. A number of research projects are being carried out on CBD and bacteria, around the world.

So what does the research of CBD against bacteria say?

Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark in Odense have investigated the potential of cannabis, where antibiotics fall short.

-One of the substances I am excited about is cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plant. I have tested this in combination with different antibiotics and what I see is that this can simply crack down on resistant bacteria, says Janne Klitgaard researcher at the Clinical Institute and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Southern Denmark to the newspaper Jydskvestkysten. She has long worked to find solutions to the problem of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, primarily staphylococci.

– We know quite a lot about what CBD can do, but we may not know exactly how it works. What are the mechanisms in the bacterium that CBD destroys? The doctors emphasize that there is a lack of evidence, and I completely agree with them. So we must produce tangible evidence, and that requires studies. She estimates that it will take five years to develop a cream that will contain a mixture of antibiotic and CBD, which will be used on wound infections with staphylococci.

Janne Klidtgaard has published several research articles on PubMed (National Library of Medicine) 


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