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Life & Vibe

Life & Vibe is a Norwegian brand of Health and Wellness supplements. We source the finest natural products available on the market and offer them to you in an effective way at an affordable price, so you can enjoy a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

Life, Vibe and Sustainability.

We follow our origin, and the Norwegian standards for Quality, Honesty and Transparency.

Our manufacturers are based in EU and all our products are 3. party lab tested.


We are a team of happy and vibrant Norwegians in different ages, who all have experienced our respectively life-crises, and who all got through it due to natural supplements, which has helped us overcome both physical and mental conditions and challenges, and helped to put us back on track, where we now are able to enjoy a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

With our positive experiences, background from health, and interest for nature, wellness, and happiness, we took it upon ourselves to find a way to help others in similar situations to overcome their challenges. Our background from both Western and Eastern Medicine, combined with our passion and drive to reach our goals, resulted in the natural high-quality supplement brand Life & Vibe.

Life & Vibe is what its all coming down to – a good and balanced Life, lived with the Vibe we all seek.

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Our Manufacturers are based in EU and have strict Quality Managements Systems and controls. Every product is tested, and lab results for each product are accessible for you in the product description.

Manufacturing according to industry standards.

We follow the strict requirements in the cosmetic and food supplements industry according to ISO 22716, ISO 22000, GMP FOOD, and FDA throughout our entire business process.

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Life & Vibe

Life, Vibe and Sustainability

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